Yes, take me there!
Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta paradise coves of Ibiza with crystal clear water.

Sailing routes around Ibiza and Formentera

¡Hi sailors! My name is "The King of Cool" and I’m a sailboat from the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509 family. I love sailing. I live in Ibiza and I’m anchored at the San Antonio de Portmany port.

If you sail with me I will show you the most idyllic coves to swim at, spectacular sunsets and the best places to anchor.

In addition to its spectacular landscapes, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, good energy and a thousand of other reasons, sailing around Ibiza and Formentera, from a nautical point of view, has a great advantage because these islands are the perfect size to roam around in just a week. Also, if the weather conditions are not the best, you will always be close to the opposite side of the island to take shelter.

The first thing you should do is renting me out for your vacation. Well, you can do that with me or with any of my friends. Renting a boat in Ibiza with Yanpy is very easy, fast and secure.

Did you already charter the boat? Great! So, cast off and hoist the sails, our boat trip has just started!

I am a quiet boat. I want you to enjoy a peaceful sailing. I like sailing the west coast of Ibiza, from San Antonio to Es Vedra. This coast is sheltered from the prevailing winds from the east. The south coast of Ibiza presents similar conditions. Formentera is a paradisiacal island, its waters are calmed and crystal clear and the winds are perfect for sailing.

Map with sailing route around Ibiza and Formentera
Map with sailing route around Ibiza and Formentera

DAY 1: From San Antonio to Cala Bassa.

8nm. 1h. 30m.

Our trip will depart from the port of San Antonio de Pormany, my hometown. Even though we are going to be sailing south, course to Formentera, we want to start sailing course NW and NE direction just to visit Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta. We shouldn't miss it out! These are the some of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza and its turquoise crystal waters make it the perfect place for swimming and snorkeling.

Suggestion: The hippies make spectacular mojitos; and they can even bring them to the boat in a paddle-board!

Beautiful bay to sail in Ibiza.
Paradise bay in Ibiza.

Afterwards, we will be heading to Cala Bassa, another beautiful cove surrounded by a pine forest. Pure Mediterranean. There, we will be anchoring for our first night. At this beach we can find several restaurants and the Cala Bassa Beach Club (CBBC) will play the perfect soundtrack to our first sunset together.

Alternative: Certainly the sunset is even more spectacular in Cala Conta (or Cala Compte), Where the sun will set on a sea dotted with small islands. However, Cala Conta is more exposed to the winds and offers less shelter than Cala Bassa in order to spend a peaceful night.


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DIA 2: From Cala Bassa to Cala Porroig.

19nm. 3h. 15m.

Good morning sailors! It's time to sail! To rent a boat in Ibiza is not just anchoring and drinking mojitos. Today we are going to visit some of the most famous beaches in Ibiza: Cala Conta, Cala Tarida and Cala Vedella. These are mandatory stops on our route and we will also pass by Cala D’Hort and the enigmatic island of Es Vedrà, but we will be keeping this spot for our way back to the marina.

Yachts, sailboats and motorboats anchored in Cala Conta (Ibiza).
Panoramic views of Cala Conta (Ibiza)

Today, our final destination will be one of the best-kept secrets of the island: Cala Porroig, one of my favourite spots in Ibiza. Cala Porroig is a beautiful cove hidden by the nature and away from the tourists. Its fishermen's huts make it very lovely and a very good shelter for boats as it is well protected from most of the winds. There, we will be able to enjoy a calmed night after a tasty seafood dinner.

Charter boats rest in the turquoise waters of Cala Porroig (Ibiza).
Cala Porroig (Ibiza)
Fishermen´s huts in Cala Porroig (Ibiza).
Fishermen´s huts in Cala Porroig (Ibiza)

Alternative: Just in case your bodies are asking for something stronger, take it easy! We are in Ibiza, anchor’s aweigh! We can move to Cala Jondal, close to Cala Porroig. If you need a walk, you can also walk from Cala Porroig, too. There, you will find some of the locals with the best vibes of Ibiza. The Blue Marlin will let you enjoy a mojito on a white bed right on the beach, live music and a parade of beautiful people.

DIA 3: From Cala Porroig to Cala Saona.

16,5nm. 3h.

You have rented a boat in Ibiza so let's sail. Today we have one of the longest sailing journeys . We leave Cala Porroig heading SE direction to Formentera!. Our first stop will be Espalmador Island. This island is part of the Ses Salines Natural Park and is one of the most impressive landscapes of Formentera. Since we're here, you have a must, a classic of the island, you should have a mud bath and let the people in your social networks be a little jealous by saying something like “Look, I'm in Formenteraaaaa!” Take advantage because this will be one of the few times where being fully covered with clay will turn into a super cool experience!

It´s time to go back sailing. I love feeling the wind on my sails. But please, before boarding, do not forget to clean up all that mud!

We will sail along the west coast of Formentera. We will pass by the beach of Ses Illetes, and by the only marina of the island, La Savina. Today, our final destination will be: Cala Saona. Warning, visiting this beach by boat can cause serious consequences when you get back to your daily routine. Cala Saona is simply beautiful; it has Crystal clear waters with a color that you will never forget. Dive in, welcome to Paradise. Take some pictures; it’s time to show off on social media.

Rental boats anchored in the turquoise waters of Cala Saona (Formentera).
Cala Saona (Formentera)

Cala Saona is very quiet, so it will be a perfect spot to anchor tonight. It has chiringuitos (bars) and restaurants to eat and have a cocktail. If you want to stretch your legs you can hike to the cliffs of Punta Rasa.

Want to find a yacht to cruise around Ibiza?

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DIA 4: From Cala Saona to Ses Illetes.

6nm. 1h.

From this point we will begin our returning trip, but take it easy, this is not over! If you have not gone crazy yet, and you're still wondering whether to become hippie or not and stay on the island, today might be the day to make that decision. I have saved the best for last and today we have an easy sailing day. Head your bow course N or NW along the coast to the Spanish Caribbean, Ses Illetes Beach. The crystal clear turquoise waters and the fine white sand have given Ses Illetes a well-deserved nickname. Relax; enjoy the landscape, the water, your friends, your family and your boat trip day.

Paradise beach of Illetes (Formentera).
Beach of Illetes (Formentera)
Girl walking to the lighthouse of La Mola (Formentera).
Girl walking to the lighthouse of La Mola (Formentera)
Charming corners in Formentera.
Charming corners in Formentera

Do you want to discover the island? There is still time. To charter a boat in Ibiza and Formentera does not mean being 24 hours on it. You can rent a motorbike in the marina of La Savina, the most comfortable and popular way to run around the island. Visit their hippy markets, meet its bohemian artists and hike to the lighthouse of La Mola.

I'll be waiting for you for the sunset. Today we will anchor here and stay the night.

DIA 5: From Ses Illetes to Ses Salines.

7nm. 1h. 15m.

Today we head back NNW to the white island. We are pointing to the most famous beach of Ibiza: Ses Salines or Las Salinas. You would ask, why is it the most famous beach? Well, because it is full of famous faces. And, why is it full of famous faces? Probably, because Ses Salines is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza. This piece of paradise is located in the natural park of Ses Salines, it’s a sandy beach protected by dunes and pine trees. Washed by waters of special purity and transparency through the posidinia prairie, declared World Heritage site.

You have chartered a sailboat in Ibiza, right?. So, let's anchor close to a luxury yacht. We will swim with a tattooed soccer player or maybe with a Hollywood actress.

Catamaran anchored and sailboats sailing in the paradise beach of Ses Salines (Ibiza) (part 1).
Catamaran anchored and sailboats sailing in the paradise beach of Ses Salines (Ibiza) (part 1).
Beach of Ses Salines (Ibiza).
Catamaran anchored and sailboats sailing in the paradise beach of Ses Salines (Ibiza) (part 1).

On the beach, we will find all kind of bars. From exclusive places as in Malibu, where bottles of champagne and delicious dishes are served to the yachts, to a more relaxed atmosphere as Sa Trinxa where we can dance on the beach with its famous house music.

Ses Salines is a quiet and sheltered place to enjoy a pleasant evening by boat.

DIA 6: From Ses Salines to Es Vedrá.

10nm. 1h. 45m.

Today, our journey will be short. We need to make sure that we have enough time to stop for a swim in another cove of crystalline waters and learn some history. After rounding Cape des Falco, we head to Sa Caleta, where you can visit the ruins of the village of the first Phoenician settlement in Ibiza. After a few years, they moved and settled in a new part of the island, which now is known as the city of Ibiza (Eivissa).

Boat sailing with three relaxed girls on bow.
Boat sailing with three relaxed girls on bow.

Towards the west, we will reach Cala D'Hort, which will be our anchorage tonight. Cala D'Hort is a white sand beach, fishermen's huts and calm waters where you may eat good fresh fish. It also has a privileged view of the island of Es Vedra, the magic island of Ibiza. It is said that Ibiza is an island full of good vibes and energy. The islet of Es Vedra is a mysterious place, apex of the 'Triangle of Silence' where locals and visitors claim to have seen UFO sightings and other strange phenomena. These stories can be real or not, but what is certain is that we will be the protagonists of one of the most spectacular sunsets of the island, the perfect place to recharge your batteries.

Es Vedrá island (Ibiza)
Es Vedrá island (Ibiza)

DIA 7: From Es Vedrá to San Antonio.

15,3nm. 3h.

This is our last day sailing by boat around Ibiza and Formentera, so let's make the most of it. We will sail along the west coast of Ibiza to the marina of San Antonio. Along the way, we can stop in one of the best beaches on the island, such as Cala Compte or Cala Tarida, and enjoy the day peacefully by going for a swim, eating in a snack bar and having a cocktail.


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At this point, I am quite sure that you will need a few days to digest the incredible experience that has been renting a boat to sail around Ibiza and Formentera. I will not say goodbye to you, I will just say see you soon, because I am completely sure that next year you shall visit me again. It has been a pleasure to sail with you all.

I'll be waiting for you. By the way, which one is your favourite route?

The King of Cool.

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  • Prabhu
    Sep, 2016

    Arriving in Ibiza on 15th oct till 18th. Send me the different boats, sailling route details and cost. We are 2 of us.

    • Yanpy
      Feb, 2017

      Hi Prabhu, thanks for your comment. We will send you our best boat rentals offers in Ibiza to your email. Kind regards, The Yanpy team.

  • Francisco
    May, 2019

    Hola. Vamos a estar de 16 al 19 de julio en Ibiza y queria alquilar una lancha para recorrer algunas calas con mi mujer y mi hija. Os agradezco informacion y tarifas. Un saludo. Mi tfno es 609432037

  • Yanpy
    May, 2019

    Hola Francisco, muchas gracias por tu comentario. Nuestro equipo se pondrá en contacto contigo por privado para ayudarte a encontrar la lancha ideal para tus vacaciones en barco en Ibiza. Un saludo, El equipo de Yanpy.

  • Davide Parise
    Nov, 2019

    Hi, I am thinking about sailing in Ibiza with my wife in June 2020. Can you send me some offers for a sailing yacht <= 40 feet ? Thanks, Davide

  • Phil Day
    Dec, 2019

    I’m the skipper of a crew of 8 in total and looking for a bareboat charter in Ibiza from September 5-13 2020. Can you make me any recommendations. Thank, Phil

  • Yanpy
    Dec, 2019

    Hello Phil, thanks for your comment. One of our experts will contact you in order to help you find the perfect boat for your holidays. Kind regards, The Yanpy team.

  • Alejandro
    Jan, 2020

    Hi, this is a very nice and detailed itinerary. I won´t be your client this time.. since I have already rented a boat, but I will be sailing out from Majorca for 2 weeks by the end of june 2020. I have sailed for many years in the Med, however this will be my first time in Balearic. Too much to see... your comments and proposaed itinerary are welcome... and of course, you will be in my radar for further charters!!!! Thanks

    • Yanpy
      Mar, 2020

      Hi Alejandro, thanks for your nice comment! We are glad you liked it. We wish you enjoy your sailing holidays this year and we will be happy to help you with your next trip! Kind regards, The Yanpy team.

  • Christoff
    Jul, 2021

    Dear Yanpy team, This itinerary is awesome. Absolutely exactly what my girlfriend and I have been looking for since we started planning. We are interested in chartering Ibiza for a week in August 2021, and planned initially to rent our own sailboat and venture along this route (amongst others). But man, these prices are sky-high and we are on a tight budget. It seems that we are left with no other options to either 1) suck it up and rent a €3200 JEANNEAU 28.1 or similar to realize this trip or 2) Find another couple who would be willing to join in and share the costs. Both have their pros and cons... so I hope you would be able to provide me with a third option. Overall, we'd love to charter ourselves and gain some miles, but we won't mind sharing the space to save on costs doing so. Looking forward to your advice! Kind regards, Chris and Rike

    • Roberto
      Jul, 2021

      Hi Christoff, thanks for your comment. We are very glad you liked our sailing itinerary in Ibiza. We will contact you by email to help you. Kind regards, The Yanpy team.

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