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Positano, Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter Guide: La Dolce Vita

Do you have a moment to imagine what it will be like on your private luxury yacht charter along the Amalfi Coast? Your boat is cruising through the cobalt blue Tyrrhenian Sea and will finally anchor under steep cliffs crowned by colorful pastel villages. The scenery is overwhelmingly beautiful. Once you are onshore, you become part of Italy's lively lifestyle when strolling the streets of bustling villages. This is your dreamy vacation reality for a while - so settle into what the locals call, "La Dolce Vita".

10 reasons to plan an Amalfi Coast yacht charter

Luxury yachts anchored in Capri
Yachts anchored in Il Faraglioni - Island of Capri
  1. Positano, Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello... Lose yourself in the streets of some of the most charming villages in Italy.
  2. Italian gastronomy: share a Neapolitan pizza and other regional indulgences.
  3. Learn about the dramatic history of Pompeii and Herculaneum, buried under volcanic ash from the ancient Mount Vesuvius eruption.
  4. Relax while sunbathing on the deck of your yacht under the breathtaking Amalfi cliffs.
  5. Take in the spectacular views of the Tyrrhenian Sea while hiking the "Path of the Gods".
  6. Enjoy the nightlife surrounded by the international jet-set on the glamorous island of Capri.
  7. Treasure every moment of the colorful Positano sunset.
  8. Dine on a romantic terrace overlooking the Mediterranean at an exclusive restaurant.
  9. Wander among sculptures in the beautiful Villa Rufolo gardens.
  10. Learn about friendly Italians’ deep-rooted traditions.

1 week Amalfi coast yacht charter itinerary

1 week Amalfi Coast yachting itinerary map
7 days itinerary along the Amalfi coast by boat

Please Note: The dots indicate the approximate places where the yacht anchors for the night.

This proposed itinerary is meant to inspire you when organizing your trip along the Amalfi Coast on a luxury yacht charter. Remember that this is not a fixed itinerary and you can adapt the planning to your preferences.


Procida, Naples' best kept secret

Boats in Procida, an island off the Amalfi Coast
Marina Corricella, Island of Procida

Procida is one place on the planet to fall in love with. It is a quiet island where time seems to slow down. The town has much to offer, despite its low-key humble vibe - which is a welcome contrast to its Capri and Ischia neighbors. The photogenic island has been the setting for films such as Il Postino, The Postman, Pablo Neruda and Mr Ripley's Talent.

The fishermen's quarter, called The Marina Corricella, is made up of a jumbled puzzle of soft-hued houses stacked one on the other. Near the seashore, you can watch the spirited fishermen preparing their nets to go out to sea while you dine at a tavern that delights in serving you authentic dishes.

Featured activities

  • Explore the maze of streets in the picturesque Marina Corricella fishermen's quarter.
  • Contemplate panoramic views from Terra Murata of Naples’ Bay.
  • Share a pleasant dinner surrounded by luxury yachts at the exclusive Chiaiolella Marina.

Ischia, the Amalfi Coast’s natural spa

Glass of Apperol Spritz in a restaurant in Ischia, Italy
No boating vacation is complete on the Amalfi Coast without an Apperol

Next, your private yacht charter cruise on the Amalfi Coast sets sail for the volcanic island of Ischia. The aperitif culture is an institution in Italy. Let your yacht crew prepare an authentic Italian Aperol Spritz while you take a refreshing dip in the sea. Enjoy this famous cocktail in the company of your family and friends with a privileged view from your yacht toward the islet ruled by the Castello Aragonese - the island’s icon.

The volcanic activity of Ischia has turned the island into the natural Amalfi Coast seaside resort. The Baia di Sorgeto is the ideal place to treat your body to a natural wellness session courtesy of Mother Nature. Here the beneficial, warm thermal waters flow from within the earth to mingle with seawater. Swimming and snorkeling in these waters is unique and worth ticking off your bucket list.

Featured activities

  • Let the healthful thermal waters of Baia di Sorgeto relax our muscles while you swim.
  • Explore the quiet streets of Sant’Angelo.
  • Experience the sunset with a glass of local wine accompanied by a cheese & charcuterie selection of local Italian gourmet delicacies.

Capri, Italy’s most glamorous island

The best views of the Amalfi Coast
Views of Il Faraglioni, Capri - Amalfi Coast

A passionate handsome couple in white bathing suits embraces on a boat near impressive rock formations towering over a cobalt blue sea. "Parlami d'Amore Mariù" plays in the background, sound familiar? Dolce & Gabbana chose the three Il Faraglioni spectacular natural rocks on the island of Capri as the backdrop for its famous ad.

Known as the Southern Pearl of Italy and a privileged destination for international socialites, Capri is synonymous with glamour, fine dining and sophisticated nightlife. Stylish figures such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Clark Gable, and Audrey Hepburn had the tiny Italian island as their vacation residence. Even now, don't be surprised to find other celebrities like Tom Cruise or Jeniffer Lopez roaming Capri's streets.

To visit the most idyllic corners of Italy in the purest "La Dolce Vita" style, Capri is undoubtedly the prefered dream destination for a yachting vacation along the Amalfi Coast.

Featured activities

  • Enjoy an aperitif on your yacht anchored near the three impressive Il Faraglioni rock formations.
  • Dine at a sophisticated restaurant in the old town.
  • Dance the night away in one of Capri’s exclusive clubs.

Amalfi, one of the most beautiful villages on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi views from yacht
Amalfi Village, Italy

Lush Mediterranean vegetation and lemon groves; houses almost impossibly perched between the steep mountains on the cliff's edge. In the marina, colorful fishermen's boats contrast with luxurious yachts. From your privileged yacht deck vantage point, Amalfi offers a picture-postcard view.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast, Amalfi exudes history and culture with every step you take. The St. Andrew’s Duomo is reminiscent of the Florence Cathedral. Inside the church, masterful frescoes and arches are a spectacle you should not miss.

Featured activities

  • Getting lost in the vivacious and narrow streets of the historic center.
  • Visit the Duomo di San Andres and soak up Italian history and culture.
  • Sip a limoncello, Amalfi's most famous liqueur, while enjoying the Mediterrean spectacular views from the romantic Hotel Cappuccini Convento terrace.

Positano, the picture-postcard of the Amalfi Coast

Touring the Amalfi Coast by boat, views of Positano
Panoramic view of Positano

You placidly sail the Tyrrhenian Sea while taking in the sun’s rays and ocean breeze on the solarium of your private yacht. Gradually, a picture-postcard image of unparalleled beauty appears before you. Among terraced fields, pine and lemon trees, a fusion of pastel-colored houses stack vertically on the side of a cliff.

To meander through Positano’s narrow alleys, descend hidden stairways, and finally arrive at a piazza for some respite, is a real feast for the senses. Every corner of this town could be a movie set. At dusk, the faint orange lights of houses and churches give the village an aura of magic and romance. Some say that Positano is the most romantic village in the world. Dining on one of the moonlit terraces, with breathtaking views of the sea, will undoubtedly remember the experience for a lifetime.

Featured activities

  • Get lost in the labyrinth of streets and steps.
  • Dine on the Hotel San Pietro terrace with breathtaking views of the village of Positano.
  • Hike along "The Path of the Gods" on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Touring the Amalfi Coast by private yacht charter: Sorrento

Yacht charter in Sorrento
Cliffs of Sorrento - Amalfi Coast

Located in the Gulf of Naples, Sorrento is a picturesque village built on cliffs, making the city seem inaccessible. Numerous stairways carved into the stone descend to the sea, where the crystal-clear waters invite you to take a dip.

The hiking trails that hug the Lattari Mountains are perfect for stretching your legs after a day aboard your charter yacht. From there, watching the sunset overlooking the Gulf of Naples will be a precious memory that will stay with you forever.

Featured activities

  • Refresh yourself with a cocktail at Conca del Sogno Beach Club.
  • Hike in the Lattari Mountains.
  • Eat ice cream while shopping in the Corso Italia and Piazza Tasso stores.

Naples, the Amalfi Coast gateway

A Trattoria in Naples
A Trattoria in Naples

There is no place like Naples in the Mediterranean. Its chaotic and decadent appearance makes it one of the European cities with the most personality. The views from your charter yacht toward Mount Vesuvius are a breathtaking escape from the bustle.

The city where pizza was invented has many art galleries, theaters and museums, including the National Museum of Archaeology, which gives visitors an extraordinary journey through time.

Prepare for an ideal dinner on your yacht's deck, in the company of family and friends, with Mount Vesuvius as the backdrop. A gourmet meal served by your crew culminates this beautiful week of private luxury cruising on the Amalfi Coast.

Featured activities

  • Savor the famous Neapolitan pizza in its birthplace.
  • Reserve a guide to explain the archaeological remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum that were once buried under volcanic ash.
  • Dine on your boat anchored in the bay under the watchful eye of Mount Vesuvius.

Private yacht cruise on the Amalfi Coast: Useful information

Duration: 1 week (8 days / 7 nights).
Boarding/Embarkation: Naples, Italy
Disembarkation: Naples, Italy
Nearest Airport: Capodichino International Airport (NAP)
Marina Arrival: The marina is located in Naples, 15km (20min approx) from the airport. Private transfer service, cab or public transport is available.
Best time to cruise along the Amalfi Coast: From May to October. June and September are especially recommended.
Best time to reserve: Early booking is recommended, from September to April, where the availability of charter boats on the Amalfi Coast is ample.
Winds and weather in the Amalfi Coast: The Amalfi Coast has a Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers and mild winters; the months of late spring (May and June) and September and October are particularly pleasant. With mild midday temperatures between 22ºC to 27ºC/ 71.6º F to 80º F
The prevailing wind on the Amalfi coast is the Mistral, which blows from the northwest constantly during the season, between 8 and 15 knots, rarely exceeding 20 knots.

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