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A Private Yacht Cruise in Croatia: Anchored in the Pakleni Islands

Private Cruise in Croatia: Split and the Central Dalmatian Islands

Made up of more than a thousand islands, natural beauty, the warm Mediterranean climate, tranquil crystal-clear coves, picturesque fishing villages, cuisine to die for, and rich history, Croatia has easily become one of the most attractive destinations in the world to charter a yacht.

If the idea of a yachting vacation and hopping from island to island with your family or friends excites you, then keep reading! This post reveals one of our favourite itineraries for a private cruise in Croatia: Split and the Central Dalmatian Islands.

One-Week Itinerary for a Private Cruise in Croatia: Split and the Central Dalmatian Islands

Map of a 1-week Private Yacht Cruise Itinerary in Croatia around Split and the Central Dalmatian Islands
8-day / 7-night Itinerary for a Private Cruise around the Central Dalmatian Islands (Croatia)

The markers on the map indicate the approximate locations where the boat anchors for the night.

Please keep in mind that the itinerary we suggest is for inspiration when planning your private cruise in Croatia.

Remember that this is not a fixed itinerary and can be tailored to your preference.


Milna - Brac Island

Old town of Milna on Brac Island, Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
Port of Milna - Brac Island

Located on the west coast of Brac Island, the picture-perfect fishing village of Milna is known best for its cobbled streets, stone houses & terracotta roofs, and a natural harbor that, quite simply, captivates with its tranquility and beauty.

Oozing authentic Croatian charm, Milna is an ideal place to unwind, enjoy delicious fresh seafood in local restaurants, swim in the clear Adriatic waters, or simply stroll through its narrow cobblestone streets.

Things to do

  • Take a dip at Zlatni Rat, one of the most stunning beaches in the Adriatic.
  • Wander aimlessly and get lost in the mazelike streets of the old town.
  • Try the delicious Dalmatian cuisine at cozy local restaurants. The fresh seafood is a must-try!

Hvar and the Pakleni Islands - Croatia's Gem

A Private Yacht Cruise in Croatia; a picturesque street in Hvar
Old Town Street in Hvar - Croatia

Hvar is often considered as the undisputed gem of the Croatian coast. Known for its vibrant social scene, crystal-clear waters, and not to mention a charming medieval old town, Hvar offers a perfect blend of nature, elegance, and nightlife on one of the dreamiest Mediterranean islands.

As the sun sets, the old town's streets bask in the warm, golden glow of evening light, creating a magical atmosphere of calm and peace that wraps every corner of the island. The streets then come alive with the bright lights of bars and restaurants, leading the way for a lively nightlife.

Just off the coast of Hvar, the Pakleni Islands are a group of idyllic islets covered in lush greenery and dotted with beautiful hidden coves. It's the perfect spot to anchor our yacht and enjoy a swim in the clear waters of the Adriatic. Undoubtedly, it's a must-stop on our boat journey through Split and around the Central Dalmatian Islands.

Things to do

  • Explore the cobbled streets of Hvar's old town.
  • Indulge in dinner at an exclusive restaurant or dance barefoot at one of the lively beach clubs.
  • Relax and sunbathe on the Pakleni Islands - what can only be described as paradise!

Korcula - Marco Polo's Hometown

Walls of Korcula - Journey through Croatia
Korcula - Marco Polo's Hometown

Korcula is the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo and is often referred to as "Little Dubrovnik". It is a medieval town boasting one of the best-preserved walled old towns in Croatia.

Beyond its walls, vineyards and olive groves produce sought-after olive oil and delicious local wine. Korcula is a haven for history enthusiasts and Mediterranean lifestyle lovers.

Things to do

  • Explore the narrow streets and discover churches, museums and Marco Polo’s very own house.
  • Enjoy a cocktail at sunset on the rooftop of Massimo Bar.
  • Visit some of Korcula’s most beautiful beaches like Pupnatska Luka, Vela Przina, or Lumbarda, and go swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking.

Scedro Island - A Natural Paradise

Private Cruise Yachts Anchored in the Waters of Scedro Island, Adriatic Sea, Croatia
A Beautiful Cove in Scedro, Croatia

Scedro Island, off the beaten track, can only be described as a synonym for untouched nature. This protected nature reserve is unspoiled by development and features hidden coves where pine forests meet crystal-blue waters. Some would say it is a secret island where you can enjoy pure tranquility and immerse yourself in natural beauty. We bet this could easily become your favorite spot in the Mediterranean.

Things to do

  • Hike through pine and olive forests.
  • Savour succulent grilled fresh fish with local wine.
  • Have a go at water sports in Scedro's tranquil waters.

Vis Island - Pure Mediterranean

Sunset in Komiza, Central Dalmatian Islands
Sunset in the Fishing Village of Komiza, Vis Island Photo: Espe Perelló - Instagram: @espe__

Vis Island, a pearl in the Adriatic Sea, historically served as a Yugoslav military base and was off-limits to tourists for several years. This restriction preserved the island in a remarkably well-maintained condition. Not only does it offer pristine nature, pine forests, & vineyards, but it boasts authentic fishing villages, tranquility, and relaxation – the pure essence of the Mediterranean.

Things to do

  • Visit the fishing village of Komiza at sunset - a magical place not to be missed.
  • Taste the island's famous local wines, some of which are produced in old military bunkers.
  • Take a bike tour through vineyards and wine regions - an unforgettable memory.

Private Cruise in Croatia - Solta Island

Cove in Solta, Croatia
Crystal Clear Waters of Solta - Central Dalmatian Islands

Solta island, near Split, one of the lesser-known islands in Croatia. It boasts a rich maritime tradition, a history dating back to prehistoric times and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Solta takes pride in its ancient history, crystal-clear waters, and high-quality local produce.

Things to do

  • Explore the island's rich history, influenced by the Roman Empire.
  • Sample wine, homemade honey, and olive oils – Solta's local produce.
  • Take a bike tour to Grohote, a charming village with cobbled streets, houses, and medieval walls, surrounded by fields that magically take you back in time.

Drvenik Veli and Split

Private Cruise Boats in Split and Central Dalmatia, Croatia
Krknjasi Bay’s Blue Lagoon, Drvenik Veli

Before finishing up your private cruise around Split and the Central Dalmatian Islands, spend your morning swimming in Krknjasi Bay on Drvenik Veli Island. It's a place of pristine nature and turquoise waters making it an idyllic spot for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

Your boat trip in Croatia wouldn't be complete without a visit to the city of Split or its smaller sister, Trogir. These vibrant, charming cities are steeped in history at every turn, with a wide range of restaurants to suit every palate. Split and Trogir will be the cherry on top of your unforgettable island-hopping holiday in Croatia.

Things to do

  • Snorkel in the Blue Lagoon of Krknjasi Bay.
  • Take a step back in time to the Roman Empire with a visit to Diocletian's Palace.
  • Enjoy a delicious fresh seafood dinner at one of the several restaurants in Split's old town.

Private Cruise in Croatia: Split and the Central Dalmatian Islands - Information of Interest

Duration: 1 week (8 days / 7 nights).
Boarding/Embarkation: Split / Trogir
Disembarkation: Split / Trogir
Nearest Airport: Split International Airport
How to Get to the Marina: The Split airport is located approximately 25 km from the port of Split, which is about a 30-minute drive. You have the option of using a private transfer service, taxi, or public bus.
Best Time for a Private Cruise in Croatia: From May to October.
The climate in Split and the Central Dalmatian Islands: Split and the Central Dalmatian Islands have a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot and sunny summers and mild and rainy winters. In June and September, temperatures average between 20°C and 28°C, while in July and August, they can sometimes reach 38°C. The water temperature ranges from 18°C to 25°C.

10 Reasons to Take a Private Cruise in the Croatian Adriatic Sea

Zlatni Rat Beach in Brac, Central Dalmatian Islands
Famous Zlatni Rat Beach - Brac Island
  1. Island-hopping: Explore the Central Dalmatian Islands by hopping from one island to another with the privacy of your own boat.
  2. The rich history of Ancient Dalmatia: Discover the Roman Emperor Diocletian's palace in Split or visit the home of the famous explorer Marco Polo in Korcula.
  3. Wine tasting: Sample delicate local wines from Vis Island, some produced in wineries located in old military bunkers.
  4. Nightlife: Dance barefoot on the sand at trendy beach clubs in Hvar.
  5. Crystal-clear swimming: Fall in love with the crystal-clear waters of San Clemente in the Pakleni Islands.
  6. Picture-perfect villages: Wander through the cobblestone streets of old towns in Korcula, Hvar, or the charming, Komiza.
  7. Dalmatian cuisine: Indulge in Croatian Mediterranean cuisine. You can’t visit Croatia and not try the fresh grilled fish and seafood. Simply mouthwatering.
  8. Water sports: Have fun water skiing or kayak your way through the calm coves of the Adriatic Sea.
  9. Bike excursions: Rent an e-bike and ride through vineyards on Vis Island for an unforgettable experience.
  10. Relax in movie-like settings: Relax, unwind, and sunbathe on some of the secluded, paradisiacal coves of Scedro Island.

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