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Panoramic view of Santorini (Greek Islands)

Luxury yacht cruise in the Greek Islands: The Cyclades

Milos, Mykonos, Santorini... We are sure you have heard these names more than once, or better yet, they are on your checklist of next destinations to visit. If not, don't worry, because after discovering the following itinerary we have prepared for a luxury yacht cruise in the Greek islands around the Cyclades , you won't be able to resist visiting this spectacular archipelago. The essence of the Mediterranean in its purest form.

The Cyclades are a Greek archipelago made up of more than 220 islands. They are located in the center of the Aegean Sea. Its name comes from the word “circle”, since they extend in a circular way around the island of Delos, of great monumental wealth and declared a World Heritage Site in 1990.

Reasons to take a private luxury yacht cruise around the Greek Islands

Yacht sailing in Greece.
Luxury yacht cruising in the Greek islands

There is no doubt that the Cyclades are one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean . During this yacht cruise around the Greek islands , you will be able to immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters, visit its beautiful fishing villages and its picturesque taverns, where you can taste the most authentic dishes of greek cuisine. Get lost among its Mediterranean streets of white houses, bougainvillea, and doors and windows stained in bright blue. Share dreamy sunsets and learn about its history, through the most important monuments and cities.

One week private luxury yacht cruise Cyclades itinerary

1 week boat holiday route map in Greece.
Itinerary 7-day yacht cruise around the Greek islands

Note: The dots indicate the approximate places where the ship will anchor for the night.

Keep in mind that the itinerary we propose you is nothing else but to inspire you when organizing your boat trip around the Greek islands . Remember that you can modify what you think is convenient and adapt it to your needs and preferences. If you have more days, do not think twice and extend the itinerary to adapt it to your holidays in the Greek islands.

Interesting information for your yacht holiday in the Greek Islands: The Cyclades

Aerial view of luxury ship in Cyclades islands.
Yacht sailing through the Greek islands
Cruise duration: 7 nights
Embarking: From 12:00 in Athens. Most of the yachts that are chartered to sail the Greek islands leave from Athens.
Disembarkation: Around 12:00 in Athens.
Nearest airport: Athens International Airport - Eleftherios Venizelos. There are direct flights from the main European cities.
Arrival at the marina: The marina is located 40km (45min approx) from the airport. Private transfer service, taxi or public transport.
Best time to sail: From April to October.
Best time to book: It is recommended to book in advance, from October to May, where the availability of boats for rent in Greece is higher, and you can take advantage from early booking discounts.
Weather: Mediterranean. It’s characterized by mild and rainy winters, and warm and sunny summers. During the months of July and August a wind called "etesio or meltemi" blows. A north wind that, although it helps to soften the heat of the summer months, can affect navigation by blowing strongly. This wind usually lasts 1 to 3 days, but can blow for a week.
Recommended holidays for: Luxury holidays with family or groups of friends. Romantic holidays as a couple.

On this unforgettable 7-day yacht cruise in Greece , you will discover the most beautiful places in the Cyclades . Since it is not possible to visit its more than 200 islands, we have made our small selection of those that we believe deserve a mandatory stop. If you prefer, you can always propose your own itinerary to the captain. But keep in mind that he is the expert, and his advice is always invaluable.

7-day itinerary on a luxury yacht in the Greek Islands


From majestic Athens to the unknown island of Syros

Athens is the capital of Greece and birthplace of great philosophers such as Aristotle or Plato. Its monumental wealth reminds us that it is a more than 3,000 thousand years old city. A cultural heritage that coexists with the vitality of its streets.

Girl on vacation in Greece.
The Parthenon - Athens (Greece)

This imposing Greek city will be the starting point of our boat cruise through the Cyclades . We recommend adding at least one more day to your holidays in Greece to calmly visit what this wonderful city hides. The Plaka neighborhood, the Acropolis and its impressive Parthenon are just some of the must-sees in the Greek capital.

Our luxury yacht cruise to the Greek islands begins!

Our captain, crew and yacht will be waiting for us in the marina to set sail for what will be our first destination today, the island of Syros. We have a few hours of sailing ahead of us, so we recommend you to relax sunbathing on deck and to enjoy the intense blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

After the pleasant yacht trip sailing through Aegean waters we will arrive at Syros. With its 87km of coastline, Syros is the capital of the Cyclades, the great unknown of this greek archipelago. This small island is made up of two large bays, Hermopolis and Finikas. The latter is an excellent option to anchor when the famous Meltemi wind blows.

We will start our route by one of the most famous beaches of Syros, Galissas beach, a wonderful bay with crystal clear waters. The beach has taverns and beach bars where you can refresh yourself with a sophisticated cocktail.

If you prefer a quieter option, we recommend Armeos beach, where you can snorkel, relax sunbathing on deck or go ashore to visit the beautiful white Agios Pakou church that crowns the hill.

Other equally recommended beaches are those of Komito, Agáthopes or the magical Delfini beach, which is in the north of the island and protected from the winds.

Tip: Sailing on your luxury yacht, near Galissas you can make a quick stop to visit Agios Stefanos, a small white hermitage built in a cave over the sea. According to tradition, it was built by a fisherman who was saved from the tentacles of a huge octopus after praying to the Saint.

Hermitage of Agios Stefanos on the island of Syros (Cyclades).
Hermitage of Agios Stefanos - Syros

After a great day swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea and sunbathing on the beautiful deck of our yacht, we will sail towards the bay of Hermopolis, where we will be able to enjoy our first night cruising the Greek islands.

Hermopolis, is characterized by a great architectural wealth. Some of its most important buildings are the Town Hall, in Miaouli Square, the Apollo Theater or the Agios Nikolaos church. Also noteworthy is the seaside neighborhood, Vaporia, or the beautiful medieval city of Venetian aesthetics Ano Syros, located on the hill of San Jorge, from where we can enjoy wonderful views of the island and authentic greek food in the legendary tavern of Lilis.

We recommend you finish the afternoon at the Asteria bar, where you can have a drink while enjoying a spectacular sunset. The Archontariki tavern or the Meze Mazi restaurant are popular with locals. In both, you will be able to taste typical dishes of Greek cuisine.

Alternative: On the way to Syros, sailing southeast, you will come across Kythnos, a small and quiet island endowed with great beauty. If you feel like it, you can make a short stop and take a dip in one of its beautiful beaches of fine sand. Kolona is one of our favorites.


Greece by boat: The lively island of Mykonos

White streets of Mykonos
Streets of Mykonos - Cyclades Islands (Greece)

Good Morning! Please sit on deck. The chef has prepared a wonderful breakfast. A dose of energy to face a great day full of experiences. Our destination today is the popular and cosmopolitan island of Mykonos and its 80 km of coastline, of which 20 of them are beautiful white sand beaches.

Mykonos is considered one of the most elegant holiday destinations in Greece . In fact, it has hosted the international jet set for years. Also, this Greek island is considered the soul of the Cycladic party, also known as the Greek Ibiza. So, if your body asks you some moves, you are on the right island.

The glamorous island offers a wide variety of options to enjoy good music and a lively atmosphere. We recommend the Paradise or Super Paradise beaches, located on the south coast of the island. You will find international djs and the best outdoor parties in Mykonos . The songs are insured! On the paradise beach you will find one of the most famous clubs, Cavo Paradiso, to continue the party until the body endures.

If you prefer a more relaxed plan and enjoy the island's beauty with tranquility, we recommend the beaches in the north of the island such as Panormos beach or Agios Sostis, which is away from noise and much more unspoilt than those in the south.

Girl cruising around Greek islands visiting windmills in Mykonos
Famous Windmills of Mykonos

Another highly recommended option is Agios Oanis beach, one of the most beautiful in Mykonos and from where you will have a privileged view of the island of Delos.

To end a perfect day, you will go to Chora, capital of Mykonos, where you can anchor and go to discover the wonders of this beautiful city.

Get lost in the narrow streets of Old Mykonos, full of white houses, colorful balconies and bougainvilleas, until you reach the Alefkandra neighborhood, also known as “Little Venice”. This picturesque neighborhood is full of bars and taverns where you can taste a good wine or some delicacy of Greek gastronomy.

If what you are looking for is the best spot to watch the sunset, you have to climb to the top of the hill that dominates the city. You will find there the windmills, the most famous and photogenic in Mykonos. Take the opportunity to take your best selfie and succeed on social networks.


The magical Greek Island of Paros

Paros is the third largest island in the Cycladic archipelago. It has 118 km of beaches and unlike its neighbors Mykonos or Santorini, this island is less cosmopolitan and has managed to maintain its traditional spirit. Beaches of fine sand, crystal clear waters and traditional villages of mediterranean essence are what make this island the perfect destination for a luxury vacation in Greece.

Our favourite beaches in Paros are Monastiri, Kolimbithres and Lageri. The latter will be the perfect choice to enjoy a wonderful day swimming in its turquoise waters or relaxing on the deck of the yacht while enjoying a refreshing cocktail.

Beautiful port for traditional Greek islands boats.
Naoussa Fishing Port, Paros (Greece)

After a great day at sea you can discover the charming village of Naoussa.

This fishing village has the typical aesthetic of the Greek islands. Cobbled alleys, whitewashed houses and bougainvilleas everywhere. Naoussa has managed to maintain its mediterranean essence and an example of this is the fishing port inhabited by its colorful traditional boats. Get lost in its beautiful streets and discover one of its many artisan shops. You will surely find some souvenirs to always remember this great yacht cruise in the Greek islands.

To put an end to this beautiful day, go to the port to watch the sunset and have dinner in one of its picturesque restaurants. Many of them have verbena lights on in the terraces so you can enjoy a perfect summer night in the purest Mediterranean style. La Taverna Glafkos and Barbarossa specialize in fish and seafood.

Parikia is another recommended option to spend the night. It is the capital of Paros and the main port of the island. Like Naoussa, its protagonists are its beautiful whitewashed houses dressed with colored windows. You can stroll through the winding streets of the old quarter until you reach one of the oldest churches in Greece, Panagia Ekatontapiliani, is a marvel.


Navigating the Cliffs of Ios

Couple on boat vacation in Greece.
Couple cruising on a luxury yacht around the Greek islands

Ios is a small Greek island characterized by an arid and mountainous landscape. Sailing along the coast of Ios you will be able to discover incredible cliffs and coves with turquoise waters. It is a very quiet island and not very crowded. Our captain will take you to discover some of the wonderful coves hidden by the rugged coast of Ios, which some of them are only accessible by boat.

Enjoy sailing along the west coast and cool off in the crystal clear waters of some of the most beautiful beaches on the Greek islands , such as Mylopotaso or Tripiti. Imagine a wonderful yacht, the best company and the beauty of the Mediterranean. There’s no doubt that you will always remember a boat holiday in the Greek islands!

To put the icing on the cake today, the next stop will be Manganari, a wonderful bay located south of Ios, perfect for anchoring and protected from the meltemi. Let the crew pamper you and enjoy a wonderful dinner on deck while you remember the best moments of your wonderful trip through Greece.

Curiosity: The famous movie "The Big Blue" was shot on Manganari beach.


Santorini, the most romantic island in the world

Man enjoying views of Santorini.
Spectacular views of the Santorini Caldera

Everyone on deck! Our yacht sets sail for one of the most anticipated destinations of this cruise, the spectacular island of Santorini.

Santorini is an archipelago of islands that arose from a huge volcanic explosion. This caused much of the old island to disappear and originated the famous crescent-shaped caldera. Its capital, Fira, is a small town full of white houses on a cliff, which offers a spectacular view of the caldera. Its characteristic volcanic landscape, its magical white cliff-top villages and its lively nightlife make Santorini one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, and undoubtedly the most desired destination of the Cyclades islands.

During your cruise sailing along the coast of Santorini, you will discover some of the most spectacular beaches of the Aegean Sea , such as the red beach, one of the most visited for its characteristic reddish cliffs that melt into its turquoise waters.

The beaches of Perissa, Vlichada, Monolithos or the white beach are also very popular options among those who choose Santorini as their holiday destination in Greece.

Enjoy swimming in its crystal clear waters, go snorkeling or simply relax sunbathing on deck while the crew serves you a refreshing drink. What else could you want?

Woman having breakfast on a private yacht cruise in Greek islands
Having breakfast on a luxury yacht (Greek Islands)

After an incredible day aboard our luxury yacht, your captain will set sail for the beautiful Oia.

Oia, like its older brother Fira, is a beautiful white village perched on top of the Santorini cliffs and with beautiful views of the famous caldera. Some say that this spectacular town with fluted houses and blue domes is the most romantic and magical town in the world.

It is a real pleasure getting lost in its cobbled streets, visiting the pretty pink church, the famous blue domes and the impressive views from the castle. From Oia you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world . A postcard photo is guaranteed!

Tip: If you are a wine lover you cannot miss trying the famous Vinsanto or Santorini wine, known since ancient times.


Milos, The most paradisiacal of the Greek Islands

Boats anchored in Kleftico - Milos Island.
Stunning Kleftiko Beach (Milos)

You are getting close to the end of your private yacht cruise in the Greek islands. But don't worry because today's destination will make you forget that these idyllic vacations are over. You’ll head to Milos, one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Mediterranean!

The Greek island of Milos is known for being the place where the famous Venus de Milo was discovered. It is the westernmost island of the Cyclades and the least crowded, which makes Milos the ideal holiday destination for those looking to enjoy a paradise without the crowds. Plaka is the capital of the island, a pretty town full of cobbled streets, white houses and colorful windows that has nothing to envy to the villages of its neighboring Cycladic islands.

This amazing Greek island consists of more than 70 beaches located around its 126 km of coastline. Beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters such as Provatas, Paliochori or Firiplaka are located in the south of the island. They make Milos an unforgettable destination on our Cyclades cruise . But without a doubt the ones that you cannot miss are the beaches of Kleftiko and Sarakiniko. These two wonders of nature are formed of white rock eroded by the sea and turquoise waters, forming an idyllic lunar landscape, a must on our yacht holidays in the Greek islands.

Note: Milos hides much more than wonderful beaches with turquoise waters. Its picturesque fishing villages with its famous jetty houses or symratas will make you travel back in time and enter the most authentic Greece. Klima, Firopotamos or Mandrakia are some of our favorites. You can taste there the best seafood dishes and fresh fish accompanied by a good wine in any of their taverns.

Don't forget to take a photo here and make your friends envious! The next time you decide to charter a yacht they will not miss it.


Serifos, the smallest and most authentic of the Cyclades Islands

Octopus drying in the port of Serifos - Greece.
Octopus in Serifos - Cyclades Islands

At this point, we are sure you think this boat cruise through the Greek islands is going to be hard to beat. But let's not get melancholy, there is still a great day aboard our luxury yacht to sail and discover the authentic island of Serifos.

This small island of only 73 km2 is part of the westernmost Cyclades. It is a mountainous island full of unspoiled and secluded beaches. It is the perfect island for those looking to spend a relaxing vacation away from crowds.

Its capital, Chora, is a picturesque hilltop town that has remained intact over time. Walking through its cobbled streets, we will arrive at the main square, Pano Piatsa, which is painted in bright turquoise and yellow colors. At night, this beautiful square turns into a scenery of shows of traditional music and dances. A perfect plan to end a great summer night.

During the day you can relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Aegean at any of its idyllic beaches. Agios Sostis, Psili Ammos and Agios Ioannis beaches located on the west coast are the best options when the famous meltemi is not blowing. On the opposite side, there are Kalo Ampeli, Vagia, Koutalas or Ganema beaches. All of them are excellent options where you can relax and enjoy some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean without worry.

Women on a boat trip around the Greek islands.
Friends on a yacht holiday in the Greek islands

You will spend the night in Livadi, the main port of Serifos. On land you can enjoy a wonderful dinner on one of its terraces. Some mezes and a rakomelo liqueur in the purest Greek style. Visit one of its legendary venues such as Yacht or Robinson, where you can have a drink and toast to these unforgettable 7 days of luxury in a yacht cruise around the Greek islands.

After a fun night in Livadi it is time to return to Athens, the starting point of your vacation sailing through the Cyclades . Take the opportunity to enjoy sailing while you remember the incredible moments lived in this Mediterranean paradise.

You are definitely going to spend a whole year remembering your holidays in the Greek islands and be counting the days for a new yacht trip . Have you already thought about what your next destination will be?

What do you think of our 7-day yacht cruise itinerary around the Greek islands?

Which yacht to rent to sail the Greek Islands?

In this post, we suggest you take a week-long luxury yacht cruise around the Cyclades Islands . A yacht will allow you to hop from island to island with greater agility while you enjoy with your family and friends the exclusivity and all the comforts on board.

All luxury yachts are chartered with a captain and his crew, so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy an exclusive island hopping vacation in Greece with your loved ones.

If you prefer another type of boat, in Yanpy, you can also rent catamarans, sailboats or gulets for your sailing holidays in Greece. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will help you find the boat that best suits your needs, so that your cruise on the Cyclades will be an unforgettable experience.

Here is a selection of yachts in the Greek islands.

Let´s start planning your yachting holidays now

Get in contact and let our charter brokers help you find the perfect yacht for your next cruising holidays in the Greek Islands.


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