Cancellation policies

Last updated: 20/01/2015

  • General conditions

    As defined in the Terms and conditions, Yanpy is not part of the booking process, but is a mere intermediary in charge of contacting customers with owners for the conclusion of agreements between them. Derived from this, Yanpy is not responsible for any refund that may correspond to an owner because of a customer or owner cancellation.

    The customer agrees not to start any action against Yanpy to demand payment or refund of a booking.

  • Cancellation by the customer

    In the event of cancellation after booking on the part of the client, the cancellation expenses will be stated in the rental contract with the final service provider.

    The part of the payment of the reservation corresponding to the service commission of Yanpy, for the works derived from the management of the reservation, as well as its later cancellation, will not be refundable.

    Cancellations will be processed via email to

  • Cancellation by the owner

    The cancellation policies offered by the owner or service provider will be specified in the contract provided by himself.

    Without prejudice of the agreed in the rental contract with the final service provider, it will be reason for automatic termination of the contract and/or booking between client and owner, without compensation or any refund to the customer, the following cases:

    Failure of customer payments on time.

    The negligence or breach of the rules and laws in force in the use of the boat, including but not limited to: ship more persons than authorized, navigate outside authorized limits for the boat and its license.

    Failure to submit the required license for the government of the boat at check-in for those bookings where the customer has not requested a skipper.

    Not to demostrate enough skills to govern a boat, for those bookings where the customer has not requested a skipper

    The owner may cancel a reservation by notifying Yanpy by email. The email will contain all the relevant information of the booking, such as booking code, check-in and check-out dates, customer and boat data, and the reason why the booking is cancelled.

    Yanpy will notify both the customer and the owner with the resolution of the cancellation.

  • Cancellations by force majeure

    If for reasons of force majeure specified in the boat rental contract between client and owner, the owner could not deliver the boat to the customer in the place of delivery agreed on check-in date, or if the client could not come to the place of delivery agreed in check-in date, within the possibilities and owner availability:

    Client and owner may reach an agreement to provide an friendly resolution to the issue.

    In case the owner agrees to refund total or partial amount of the boat rental or to give a voucher for the total or partial amount of the boat rental to redeem in a future reservation, Yanpy agrees to issue the customer with a voucher based on the commission derived from his service, which can be redeemed for another future reservation of a boat belonging to the same owner. The amount of percentage calculated on the Yanpy service fee and validity period of this voucher will have the same conditions as those offered in the contract provided by the owner, deducting from the amount of this coupon any expenses charged on the commission of Yanpy, derived from the management of payment by third parties, such as commissions arising from the use of payment gateways or bank transfers.