Cancellation policy

UPDATE_DATE 20/01/2015

  • General conditions

    All listings have a cancellation policy set by the owner. It is recommended that customers check cancellation policies before making any booking.

    Yanpy provides 5 cancellation policies to be chosen by owners (superflexible, flexible, moderate, strict, superstrict) with which to protect both customers (guests boats) and owners.

    The Yanpy service fee is not refundable.

    As defined in the Terms and conditions, Yanpy is not part of the booking process, but is a mere intermediary in charge of contacting customers with owners for the conclusion of agreements between them. Derived from this, Yanpy is not responsible for any refund that may correspond to an owner because of a customer cancellation.

    The customer agrees not to start any action against Yanpy to demand payment of a booking.

    Cancellation policies


    Until 60 days before check-in date. Between 60 and 30 days before check-in date. Less than 30 days before check-in date.
    100% refund. 50% refund. 25% refund.
  • Cancellation by the customer

    Yanpy provides to customers mechanisms for cancelling bookings.

    Yanpy will charge the customer an amount equal to the service fee as expenses of cancellation.

    Booking cancellation process by the customer

    In order to ensure a smooth and safe process, all customer booking cancellations must be processed through Yanpy.

    Booking cancellations can be done from 'My trips' section of the customer control panel at Yanpy

    The customer clicks on the Cancel button of his booking

    Cancelling through the page will start the cancellation process that consist:

    • Booking pending of confirmation
      • If you, as customer, cancel a booking before it has been confirmed by an owner, Yanpy will cancel the preauthorization and/or refund the amount charged to your credit card related with the requested booking in a commercially reasonable time.

    • Booking confirmed
      • Yanpy calculates the corresponding refund according to the cancellation policy of the boat booked and the date of cancellation.

      • Yanpy notifies both client and owner about the amount to be refunded to the customer.

      • The owner must refund inmediately the amount to be refunded to the customer.

    Cancellation is not until the customer has got a cancellation confirmation email.


    A customer has booked a boat for a weekend for 1000€. This boat has a Superflexible cancellation policy. The customer decides to cancel his booking 35 days before check-in date. According to the date and cancellation policy, customer should got 50% of total booking amount, it means, 500€. Cancellation expenses have to be discounted from this amount. These expenses consist of 15% of total booking amount, this means, 150€. Therefore, the customer will get a refund of 350€.

  • Cancellation by the owner

    Boat not delivered by the owner.

    In case that the owner does not deliver the boat in the place agreed in the scheduled departure date for other reasons than force majeure, neither had provided an alternative boat accepted by the customer, this means the owner fails to fulfill the contract. In this case, the owner shall inmediately refund to the customer all payments made by the customer, including, without interest, also having a right to compensation for the owner by value equivalent to 25% of total amount of booking.

    In case that the owner decides to cancel a booking, he will got the cancellation expenses equivalent to service fee.

    Exceptionally, it will be reason for automatic termination of the contract and/or booking between client and owner, without compensation or any refund to the customer, the following cases:

    • Failure of customer payments on time.

    • The negligence or breach of the rules and laws in force in the use of the boat, including but not limited to: ship more persons than authorized, navigate outside authorized limits for the boat and its license.

    • Failure to submit the required license for the government of the boat at check-in for those bookings where the customer has not requested a skipper.

    • Not to demostrate enough skills to govern a boat, for those bookings where the customer has not requested a skipper

    Booking cancellation process by owner

    The owner may cancel a reservation by notifying Yanpy by email. The email will contain all the relevant information of the booking, such as booking code, check-in and check-out dates, customer and boat data, and the reason why the booking is cancelled.

    Yanpy will evaluate the cancellation and determine if the owner must make a refund to the customer based on the cancellation policy outlined above.

    Yanpy will notify both the customer and the owner with the resolution of the cancellation.

    Both parties will be contacted for confirmation of the cancellation.

  • Cancellations by force majeure

    If for reasons of force majeure, the owner could not deliver the boat to the customer in the place of delivery agreed on check-in date, or if the client could not come to the place of delivery agreed in check-in date, within the possibilities and owner availability:

    • Both parties could agree in writing an extension of the rental period being this period proportional to the delay in the delivery of the boat.

    • Owner will try to offer an alternative boat with similar features to the one chartered. This change should be agreed in writing by the customer.

    • Should any option mentioned above be not possible, both parties will agree a future rental period in the same conditions as the original one. This will have to be a mutual agreement in writing.

    • If no agreement the customer is entitled to ask the owner a refund of the full amount of the booking. Yanpy agrees to return the booking service fee excluding the costs Yanpy had assumed generated by third parties, such as fees derived from online payment services providers.

    What is it understood as force majeure:

    The death in the family (mother, father, husband / wife, sister, brother, son) or severe disease and natural disasters and other unpredictable events (avalanches, blizzards, cyclone, hurricane, earthquake, flood, landslide family earth, lightning), war, terrorism or nuclear accidents.